255 Rebuild Kit (440/460)

255 Rebuild Kit (440/460)
Product Code: 255 Rebuild Kit (440/460)
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This rebuild kit includes all replaceable parts that go to the Autotrol 255 Valve Rebuild Kit Includes the Following:
QTY 1 Set of Flapper Valve Discs
QTY 1 Injector Cap

QTY 1 Injector (BLUE)
QTY 1 Screen Assembly
QTY 1 Brine Control (Salt Dial 3-19lb)
QTY 1 Backwash Plug #10
QTY 2 Flow Control Balls
QTY 1 O-ring kit (6 o-rings) to go between upper and lower valve body QTY 1 Silicone Lubricant 1 gram 

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